Baskar’s Nook

This dusty crowded shop (a former granary) in the back streets of Stormhaven is the home and shop of Baskar Lendo, a tall but stooped, thin, nervous man whose failing eyesight makes him peer at everything like an inquisitive bird. Baskar is a sage in the field of the history, folklore, and genealogies of the heartlands of Varisia. He is a great font of knowledge about Varisia’s past and has made a special study of the deeds and misdeeds of nobles and adventurers. In his print shop, Baskar makes and sells inks and parchment and produces handbills for hire. A sample of one of his handbills reads:

FOR HIRE: One Adventuring Band,

Bold and capable.

No job too small.

Discretion guaranteed.

Proud of our charter!

Contact Thorl at the Rising Moon.

Baskar also produces a broadsheet paper, the Varisian Clarion. This singlesheet paper makes fascinating reading for the visitor. It lays bare the current gossip and doings of the folk of Stormhaven, from who’s been interviewed by those in Arvensoar recently to who won the last game of jacks at the Moon. It also features both news of upcoming local sales and events and a rather salacious rumors column whose snide comments are alone worth the 2-cp cost of the Clarion. For a fee (typically 5 gp per message), Baskar slips false or cryptic messages into this column, enabling folk to tip each other off about things without revealing their business to all. A sample of this might read: “Randor says the silverbeak’s flown from its nest at last.”

Baskar’s Nook

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